Giants Vs Packers.

The New York Giants are playing their first play-off game Sunday evening at 4:15 Pm. Coming off a monumental loss to the Eagles, Giants fan wonder if they can bounce back. The Packers are a rejuvenated team, who will rejuvenate around their starting quarterback Aharon Rogers. Rogers is coming off injury, that being said, the Giants defensive strategy will be simple, blitz, blitz, and than blitz some more. Being the worse run offense in the league, the Packers will struggle running against one of the best run defenses in the league. The Giants will be able to sit back in a cover two and stop the big playing from happening, just like they did in the first half, in Philadelphia. Without the deep ball, Rogers will have to go to Jennings, and Driver, underneath. Eventually, the Packers will fall behind and the Giants will be able to drop their line backers in to coverage as well. Once the running game has been removed this Giant team will stop at nothing to get to the quarterback. The Packers give up 117 yards of rushing on average. With Brandon Jacobs and Ahmed Bradshaw, the Giants will go back to there usual run and pound. Look for Eli Manning to explode in the second half. The Packers do have a great pass rush, and while many people believe the way to defeat a pass rush is to get the ball out of your quarter backs hand fast, there are other ways; Such as running the football. If the Giants can get the Packers on their heels their defensive line will wear down by the time the second half comes around.

Giants will win this game.


PS: Many of you think im deliusional but if you take away the whole bounce back perspective, and match up both teams by the stats, there is no question the Giants are the better team.

Yours Truly



New York Giants Monday Night Football!!

The New York Giants have risen from the bottom to the top of the NFC. At 4-2 their offensive and defensive lines have been playing spectacular recently. The Dallas Cowboys, are playing for their lives, if they lose one more all of their play off dreams go right down the drain. The Giants have a chance to shove the Cowboys in the dirt. Ill tell you this much the Giants are playing with hunger, every hit, every time theres contact, every time Eli drops back to throw this team is playing with on a whole other level. They dropped 2 in the beginning of the season, however, they are back to what the Giants used to be. A straight run/defense team. The Giants will hold Julius Jones, and Marion Barber for a minimum gain. The question is will Tony Romo pick up the slack. The Giants have been racking up sacks left and right, if they can get to the mobile quarterback and make him immobile the Giants will win this football game. Bradshaw has been playing to his potential and  the passing game has come together. Hakeem Nicks has been playing phenomenal, so has Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Manigham. Watch for the Giants to run it down the Cowboys throats, the team who controls the clock in this game is the team that will come out victorious. The Cowboys are one of the worst third down teams in the NFL they have failed to complete 3rd down 72 percent of the time. This is what will give the N.Y Giants, the ball throughout the game. With the ball in their possetion, the will have the clock in their possetion, and with those two factors i think it is safe to say by the end of monday night the Giants will have the win int heir possetion.

Giants 27

Cowboys 17

Yours Truly

Jason Levy.


Yankees On The Comeback??

The New York Yankees find themselves in a 3-2 hole. The question still remains, can they hold their poise? Can they be patient enough? Can they unify and solidify their pitching staff? In the begining of the season many raised the point that the Yankees were too old to compete for a national championship. Many believed that they would ware out by October; however, the yankees have played strong throughout October, will they close?

Their veteran-ship plays a big factor in how they proceed, many teams would buckle under the pressure, and some may make rash decisions which could cost them the season. Their is only one player on their starting line up that has not been here before, and yet remarkably he has had a decent post season. That mans name is Marcus Thames.   Ironically in game six the Yankees will throw Phil Huges out there on the mound. He did not have the best performance in game 2; however, he has studied this line up, and has watched them play for six games, i think it is safe to say that Phil Huges will have a solid outing. This Yankee team will be led by its captains, by its veterans, and by its unity. Having added Lance Berkman, Curtis Granderson, and Marcus Thames, the Yankees have given themselves an All-Star caliber line up.  Going up against Lewis Colby, in game six might be an actual blessing for New York.  Lewis was drafted by the Rangers than waved off a couple years after. After two years of playing in Japan, hes come back to play for the same team he played for several years ago. Lewis is playing off a bad rotator cuff which he had surgery on in the pre season. The Yankees will be facing him for the second time in two weeks, with the Yankees patience, poise, and dynamic offense they should be able to pick him apart for at least 5.  The Yankees will win this game, of this i am confident; however, game 7 will be an issue, because no matter how many times you face Cliff Lee, he just seems to get better and better.

Ps- Id like to apologize to all my readers, for taking such a long break. I have read your comments, and i appreciate the support.

Thank You

Yours Truly

Jason Levy


Amare To The Knicks

Amare is defiantly one of the elite centers in the game.However many seem to have this misconception that he cannot play defense, there is a big difference between not playing defense and the ability to play offense. In the play offs Amare faced one of the best big man in the NBA in Tim Duncan. Stoudomire put on a great fight, if he has motive the man can be a menace on the defensive side of the court. With a certified big man the Knicks now have what they had in the 90s, all they need is a couple of gritty players like Stark and Houston. If you look through the free agency a man who would fit in this role perfectly is Ray Allen. The best part about getting Allen is that you can get even another great player because he does not have a max contract on his head. If the Knicks can get Allen and keep David Lee they would have a team that would be a play off contender, if not a championship contender.

Yours Truly


Lakers Vs Celtics

When i am wrong i must admit so, i really believed we would see an upset, however that didn’t really work out now did it. This match up is defiantly the more exciting match up. Overall both of these teams are the best in there divisions and conferences. The series will go the length, who ever pulls away with game one will probably take the series. The Lakers are old the Celtics are old and banged up, there is one big deciding factor to the series & this might come to a surprise to some people but the name to that person is Ron Artest. If Ron can defend Pierce like we know he can, than it will limit Boston’s options, If he can reflect off that and play offensively at a high level i would not go as far as to say that he will be the deciding fact on offense but on defense i believe he is.Paul Gasol and Kevin Garrnet have been going at it for ages, even when he was on the Timberwolves and Gasol was on the Grizzlies.  Key match up there,moreover, Perkins and Bynum are both slow players who rebound and play defense well, Andrew is a much better scorer but Perkins is and i quote Dwight Howard, “He is the the best defensive player in the league”. The key factor here is the point guards. The Lakers do not have an outstanding point guard but the Celtics do, and thats what puts them on top. Rondo is playing better than any point guard in the league. Fisher is known for his clutch threes in the fourth, however, if they don’t a solid game from him they will be no need for clutch shots. Kobe Bryant is playing his best basketball of the 2010 season. Watch for him to go off on all cylinders, Kobe wants to get on the Jordan level, to do that he needs to win more than 6 or at least 6 championships. Jordan with six Kobe with 4, This will make Kobe Bryant beyond any doubt an elite player in the history of the NBA. Another big factor to this series, is Ray Allen , at times he has played beyond any doubt considerably some good basketball. If his three point shot is on target he can be  a menace from all angles possible. The bench, Tony Allen has been great for the Celtics, however the Lakers bench is much deeper than the Celtics.

Lakers in 7


Celtics Will Fall

As i promised the Boston Celtics have advanced to the semi finals;however, they will not reach the NBA finals. The Boston Celtics probably have the most complete team in the NBA, however they do not have the diversity of the Orlando Magic. There are players on the Magic that there is no answer to such as, Reshard Lewis is a menace to defend so is, Howard, Vince Carter, Nelson, and Gortat. Lewis has the hight and strength of  a power forward yet he has the speed and quickness of a shooting guard. Howard is to strong inside, even Perkins will have trouble defending him, this is why they will double team Howard leaving the best 3 point shooting team in the league wide open from behind the arc. Vince Carter has stepped up in the last two series, look out for the veteran to play with intensity that you have never seen before. Gortat some believe to be as a defensive player period, however with howard doubled he will get the his share of the basketball. These are some of the many players the Magic have in their arsenal. The Celtics on the other hand have some great players as in Rondo,Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Tony Allen who has been playing magnificently. They have got some bench help from Wallace, and Tony however they are no match for the Orlando Bench.

Key Match ups.

Rajon Rando- Jameer Nelson

Rondo can get the ball to the hoop better than Nelson there is no question about that but Nelson has a better three point game and a better perimeter jump shot. They both rack up assists fast and accurately , Nelson being bigger gets more rebounds naturally, however it should be fun watching these two battle it out.

Ray Allen-Vince Carter

Vince Carter is one of the most laziest defenders in the game however there is no one that wants this title more than him for he has never gotten this far. Ray Allen jump shot is supprior to Carters however if Carter is hot there is no telling to how far he can go. Vince has a much better inside game than Allen, he can penetrate better rebound better and even assist better.

Paul Pierce-Reshard Lewis

Both are very streaky when on fire they equal each other out, however when there light is diminished Lewis has the advantage. Lewis has a hight and body advantage toward pierce, he will post him up and draw fouls left and right. Pierce is most likely to turn the ball over, or miss jump shot after jump shot.


Howard is the best defender in the NBA period.  The amount of shots that get changed because of Dwight’s presence in the paint is abnormally high. However, Garrnet has a great jump shot and is playing at a high intensity he will have a big factor in how this series plays out Howard on the offensive side is playing great basketball, he has learnt many new post moves from his mentor Patrick Ewing, the Celtics will not shut him down if they do he will share the ball with his teammates and they will make them pay for the double team.


There both defesnsive players look for either of them to have about 8 points 1 block and 12 rebounds. Both have the same exact aggressiveness in the paint, it will benefit both teams.

The Bench

The Orlando Magic have one of the deepest benches in the NBA, it is probably one of there biggest virtues.  Look for Pietrus,  Jason William’s, Jason Redick, and Ryan Anderson to have big games in the this series. The Celtics era is over they are to old and to slow, the Magic simply want it more and they will get it.


Magic in 7

New York Yankees 2010

The New York Yankees have suffered many injuries this year. They have currently 7 players on the DL; Robinson Cano, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson, and Chan Ho Park. Now some of these players are day to day such as Posada, Cano, and Rivera;however, Granderson, Park, Nick Johnson should be out for at least 3 weeks a piece. The Yankees have a dazzling record at, 21-8 they are  half game behind the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  The Yankees have suffered these injuries and yet they have played at a level that not many can, it is there depth and there ability to adjust to there surroundings that make them a championship team. The Yankees do have some big positives to this season such as, Robinson  Cano who has been nothing less than amazing for them, batting .348, he’s got 9 home runs and 21 RBIs. Nick Swisher has been great so far this season so has Derek Jeter. A-Rod has had a slow start however with Texira back at the top of his own game, you should see Alec Rodriguez get it going soon enough. The pitching staff has been great so far this season, Phil Huges is having a career season, his ERA is at a career low .169; Andy Pettite, has 4 wins pitching some great baseball.Rivera with 7 saves, Joba doing a great job in the pen so is Robertson and Aceves. With the pen playing such great baseball it really shows u how good this Yankee team is they do not only have a couple of star players they actually have a complete championship team.