images4 MVP MVP MVP MVP is what the crowd chants in Miami every home game they have good reason to the man out of Marquette is averaging 29.9 a game and in the last 3 games he scored 93 points and there is no question this man is clutch we see it over and over again the buzzer beaters or when he runs on a tear in the 4 the he is Mr clutch if there was such a thing we all know the argument that lebron James should win the MVP  BTW he is scorning 28.6 but what u have to see is lebron has more weapons on the cavs mo Williams playing great ball Joe smith ilgauskas delonte west they have a good squad don’t get me wrong Miami has other weapons to but overall the cavs have the better team and what wade was able to do to that franchise is just amazing and that’s why he should win the MVP