AAIW245~Orlando-Magic-Posters[3] They come at you eith evrey part of the game they got turoglu who can shoot the three come up in the clutch and take it to the rim.Reshard lewis an impossible man to defend at 6 foot 10 he is big and strong but he is also so quick so if u put a guard on him he will post u up and just shoot right over you, if u put a forward on him he will blow right by you and lay it in.Rafer alston one of the fastest players in   the  NBA he got the moves to played street ball for 5 years but some sya he dribbles to much, i say on the contrary he has amazing ball control he dose not turn the ball over so why not dribble he creats plays for this team he is the catalyst.J.J redick he feeds off the rest of this team he is standing in the shadow of greatness but he get the job dont he got rang and game and that what makes him hard to defend.Dwight howard i mean this guy is mighty u see him go up like rambo withh like three men on his shoulder,he get the job done they have so many jump shooters so they dump it in to howard and lets face it no one man can stop super man,that forces a double team and all he neads to do is kick it out for the open three.I love this team i love wachin them there exciting to watch they run the gin they wheel and they give u the real deal!!!!!!