Albert a.k.a the machine and that is exactly what he is,he is an icon for this era one of the only clean base ball players.One day he will make history as he shatters records and  mile stones left and right.He is a joy to watch as you see him go out each and every night trying to do more to excel at what he duz best,and that is playing base ball.At the half of this season he is already hitting 31 home runs and 82 RBIs and batting 336 i mean if that is not lethal u tell me what is. He is a clear all star and a hall of famer the only q left is will he beat bond is record will he beat Hank Aron s record will he stand tall amongst those have beat the game cleanly unlike Bonds unlike Sosa unlike Ramirez A rod will he become the legend he is desend to become……..