It is not even a question that Derek will reach the hall of fame.The man is a captain of one of the most honorable franchises in the history of the game.His image is flawless he is suave the fans love him he is a all star year in year out, and the amazing thing is the way he teaches the younger ones giving them confidence to do what they love most in this world.Some men go about the game as a job,not Derek each and every moment is a moment of joy happiness and pride he works harder every day so he can be all he can be.Some times when you get to the top you become arrogant and start making mistakes,if its in the media if its with another player. but Derek form the day he got in has one thing on his mind one agenda one mentality and that is to win he wants to fill up his fingers with rings.Half way through the season he has only three errors and lets not forget this is a man that plays every day.some men in life set a goal and get about half way to it and give up he has set his goal and he has become an icon there is no doubt in my mind Derk jeter is the face of the  Yankee franchise if not the face of major league base ball!!!!!!