He has been the best and always will be the best,he has accomplished more than some closers can if they live their lives three times over.Milestone after milestone this man does not stop at average day in day out he goes out and tries to become better even though i don’t really know how that is possible.Mariano is now in the 500 club in saves that by itself tells you not only is this man great he is a legend.He has the record for the most saves in all star games (4).As he shatters records left and right watching him is watching history in the making.He has 23 saves at the all star game and 43 strike outs that is almost a two to one ratio.It is not even about his stats it is that he is just so dependable and so consist-ant that makes him great.It takes sheer brilliance to match brilliance after brilliance. At 39 years of age he ain’t running out of gas any time soon. If you look around a ten year old room in panama you will see a poster on Mariano he is not only a legend in N.Y he is a legend across the world