At a record of 51-37 there in  second place as of right now but that does not concern me as much as them not being able to beat the,redsox and angels.This is some thing they will need to do in order to win a title they can beat every team every day but if they cant beat those two they ain’t making it.They hold almost every record as a team in the M.L.B there  first in runs second in hitsThey are tied in first for homers there at 132 with Texas,and they are first in RBI s at 471.They are obviously lethal offensively but they also have a pretty good pitching staff they got c.c they got Burnett Hughes,Pettitte,Mariano Joba i mean these are all great pitchers if not now than in the future.I believe that this team will succeed in putting it together and making a big run at a ring this year. Life without a goal is like a train without a destination, this team has a goal and it is to win a title it ids in to win a ring.They have this drive to succeed weather it is bec there in N Y or bec there in pin stripes does not really make a difference it is what they do that makes them who they are not what they say or wear that does