Ron artest is an amazing upgrade for the lakers not only do they get a two time defensive player of they year, but they also get an amazing offensive force on the floor.Rebounding scoring driving he is aggressive and he has the outside jump shot, he can run the break with anybody  he is exactly what Kobe needs to make it two in a row.

rasheed Wallace is also a big factor of this Celtics team,he will be that six man that back up he will play allot of min and with perfect balance the forwards and the centers of the Celtics will always be ready and have enuf energy tog o and do what they love most he can score he can defend and he is a big presence in the paint he even has range its just gonna be so hard to defend all these weapons on one team

Shaq to the cavs its a great move in my mind  all of his career he was the number two guy lakers Kobe than him heat wade then him at the suns he was a number four guy and it limited him as a player he will excel he will succeed