New York Giants vs. Philedelphia Eagles

At a record of 5 and 4 there in the the three hole in the nfc east they will play the cowboys and the eagles once more. A chance of redemption it reminds me of 07 after the buy week in my opinion they will come back stronger and alot better and more foucusd. Th wide reciever core has been great steve smith with the most recetions in the NFL.Mario manginham with those screen catches witch he makes man after man miss it just seems like his speed just makes him so hard to be stoped.Lets no forget about Hixon i mean when we talk about speed this guy runs a 40 yard dash in 3.6 seconds one of the fastest on this team aside from sincorece moss who runs it at 3.4.The only proplem with the giants offence is their running game they are always trailing thanks to the defence so they dont get to start a goood runining  game.The the 3 4 defence for the giants is being played wrong what their doing is there blitzing Boley and Kiwanuka and than droping out tuck and ozi witch is the wrong thing to do bec they cant keep it up with the wide reciver core of any time thier to slow and the blitz is not getting there fast egnuf.

IF they fix that proplem they will be able to achieve sucsesss in evrey witch way