There are times when they look amazing and then there are times when they look terrible.The only problem is consistency there are times when they pressure the quater back and there are times when they let himm sit there till monday.The secondary looks great some times on track and on target,then there are times when they give up big chunks of yards at a time.The diffrence between the giants in 07 is not much its just a couple of would be Michel Strahan, Sam Madison and will demps and Gibril Wilson now its not about the players that there missing, its aboiut the depth.Justin tuck used to come in thegame with fresh feet he was able to play on another level on a higher level so did Corey Webster so did Chase Blackburn.Now with out the fresh legs the giants cannot be the same defence as they were befor.A defence cannot be a great force in the NFL WITH OUT HAVING DEPTH!!!!!