To be a complete team in the  NBA you have to play all five positions efficiently.Furthermore a team a needs a catalyst witch is the PG.A complete big man witch is the center, a  versatile player that has speed hight and agility witch is the small forward. Then there is a team leader witch is usually a high scoring player who can at any moment of the game light a spark for the team and lift them to victory.However even with all these players if a team does not have a bench it will not be able to excel within the NBA. Andrew Bynum is one of the most complete centers in the NBA, at 285 he has the speed of a small forward it gives him the edge with a quick step he can blow by his defenders.However it does not stop him from playing good defense he is as muscular than any other center in the league, thus saying he will not get bullied around the paint .Pau Gasol the european superstar, quick feet and out standing range it is a laborious job to try to guard him. Ron Artist is one of the best defenders in the game he isn’t scared to take a charge, tough headed player he does not slow down for anybody he goes strong to the hoop and he does have range it makes a threat on both ends of the floor. Derek Fisher the point guard of this elite squad, the veteran biggest attribute is his basketball IQ he does not turn over the ball he makes smart passes, he has great vision of the floor and he understands his role on this team. Kobe Bryant the leader, captain of this team.His point average  is extraordinary he scores consistently each game, night in night out. His overall game is based on an amazing jump shit a great vision of the floor and his vertical leap. When you step up he will blow by you using speed, you step back and he will shoot in your face , you double him up and he will find the open man using his vision.Lets not forget the bench it consists of some great player that if playing on a different day would be starting. Jordan Farnar, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic  and Shannon Brown.These players come off the bench and give electrifying  performances , they score they defend and most of all they are young and a vibrant group of players willing to put there neck out on the line for there coach. Phil Jackson one of the best coaches of all time , heading straight to the hall of fame is coaching this dream team we have  seen him do it over and over with great teams he takes all from a player and makes him achieve his full potential. It is because of these things why the L.A  Lakers will repeat this year