The Bengals,  coming into the season were the most underrated team in the NFL.They were bashed in every witch way possible  on every blog on the planet even their own radio station predicted they would have a losing record. With all criticism thrown around their locker room at Chad ocho sincho and at Carson palmer for not being role models to their team and not being good and effective leaders.They have beaten the odds, they have succeeded when others have failed.They are currently at 9 and 4 and in first place in there division.Many have criticized  their offense saying it was based on a pass game with no run game and without balance a football team cannot excel and within this league.They have proved them wrong Cedric Benson is rushing for more than a 1000 yards and 6 TDs he is currently averaging 4.1 per carry.With the run game playing as effectively as i has been playing it has allowed the offense to excel and to become an elite unit a threat in the red zone and on every set of downs.There is the threat of the deep ball with Chad and they had Chris Henry for the slot.Chris is currently injured he will miss the rest of the season and he will be sorely missed but that does not mean the Bengals cannot be a strong force in the NFL.They still have Coles and Caldwell two great players who are just fitting like a glove onto this team. Furthermore the defense is playing great they are second in the league giving up only 16 .7 a game there 5th in the league giving up only 295. 5 a game and 3rd in rush defense giving up only86.4 (3rd in the league) in total they have 31 in sacks the defense as been brilliant and has been a big part of the success the team is having defense wins championships this is why they will be able to go far in the playoffs.Personally i predict them to getto the conference finals and lose to Indianapolis.