A trade with many players and  many variables but in the end of the day the Toronto blue jays ace ends up in Philadelphia. The ace in 12 seasons has won 112 games he has thrown 15 shutouts and  1495 strike outs witch is remarkable considering he is in the AL east witch is the best hitting division in the MLB. Imagine what he can do in the NL east, the 5 time cy young winner and 6 time allstar  will excel  beyond mine or anyones imagination in the NL east. His numbers are outstanding but what really makes Roy =it is his ability to stay healthy he plays 25 games a season flat. Some ask what is the difference between Cliff Lee and Roy what have the Phillies accomplished my making this trade? There are various reasons why but i think the key is his endurance, in 12 seasons he has 49 complete games that ranks in the top ten of all time in complete games in that amount of time, it is because of this reason why i think the phillies have made a brilliant move as it is a move that makes the not only a championship contender but a favorite to win the championship in the NL!!!!