The Titans are back to and elite team in the NFL there rushing game is at its best there passing game has looked great.Vince young has done a great job since taking over Kerry Collins and the defense has picked it up immensely.The Miami Dolphins on the other hand even though they have a better record but in recent games they have no been a great team.Chad Henne a mediocre  quarterback in this league he has a long way to go one of his biggest problems is turnovers he throws to many interceptions.The running game on the other hand is working out just fine with Ricky Davis and Ronnie Brown doing a amazing job at running the football for this Dolphins team. Davis with 975 yards and Brown with 648 yards the running game is there their flaw in their offense is there passing game their leading receiver is  Davone Bess he had 578 receiving yards on the season.They have many rookies but they are far from being a superbowl contender .Unfortunately for the Dolphins there strong point witch is the run is what the Tennessee defense is so good at  preventing, only giving up 98 yards per game they are one of the best at preventing the run.Chris Johnson is the best running back in the league right now period. He rushes for 113 yards per game and is closing on 2000 yards on the season.He is fast elusive and not scared to lower his shoulder and run up the middle he can come out of the back field and catch the ball he is a double threat. When having a mobile quarterback like Vince Young you need a back that can catch because a quarterback needs some one to dump it off to the last second.The Miami Dolphins give up 339 yards per game Vince Young will have a hay day with the secondary and Chris will be Chris the titans will roll over the Dolphins in style 28-10