The New York Giants are playing for their playoff hopes it is do or die for gang blue.The Redskins playoffs hopes are long gone but on this monday night they play for pride as these two teams have been rivals for decades.In the last three games the Washington offense has gotten it going scoring over 21 points a game their running game has been working effectively  with Quinton Ganther at the lead. He is averaging 4 yards per carry, he is explosive and elusive though he is playing one of the top rated rush defenses in the NFL.The Giants are banged up in the secondary watch for Jason Campbell to have a good night.Jason was great against the Raiders throwing for 228 yards and running for another 20 all aside the raiders pass defense aint the best but neither is the Giants.Eli Maning is coming off  career day playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. He threw for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions he looked flawless look for him to have a good game here on monday night football.The Giants give up 307 yards of offense a game and the Redskins give up 305 yards per game, both defenses  are not living up to their potential.The Giants have their advantage on offense, they average 382 yards of offense a game on the other hand the Washington Redskins average 319 yards per game.The Giants running game is healthier  but not at its peak Bradshaw is a little banged up but not banged up enough  not to play on monday night.The Giants have depth at the WR position they will spread the field and destroy the Redskins secondary.However it wont be a blowout but look for the Giants to take out all their frustration  on the Redskins.They will hit hard ,run hard and play to the utmost of their capabilities it will be close but the Giants will pull away with this one 28-17