Nate Robinson has been benched for the past 9 games.There has been a dispute between coach and player, even though the Knicks sead in a statement on sunday, that there was nothing personal in the decision on  benching  Robinson.The former slam dunk champions best option is a buy out , any trade they throw at him he can veto.He looks forward to buying out of NY and sighing with the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland  Cavaliers. Nate is also whats known as a base-year compensation player.Any player whose  salary goes up by 20 percent from the last season is called a base-year compensation player.Robinson in 08 was making  $2.02 million in 08 in 09 he is making 4 million for the year .So even if the Kincks find a trade the other players contract has to be above 2 million.Danny Walsh stated clearly that he will not add to the cap, witch leaves Robinson with option number one buy out. Nate cannot be traded till dec 24– 90 days after he signed  his  contract .Robinson’s best option is to leave now.There are many teams looking for fresh legs off the bench , some one explosive and elusive some one that can light up the crowd at any given  moment,Nate fits this description. If he waits till next year the market will be rough there are many great free agents out there such as Chris Bosh ,Wade,  James ,Joe Johnson and others.There has been many arguments between him and his coach Mike D’ Antoine . The attitude between them has been all negative it is crucial for both parties to please each other.The best way to do that would be by a buy out look for Robinson push for this as the season progresses