In their  last meeting the Giants won the game in overtime winning by a score of 34-28.Steve smith is coming off an amazing performance against the Minnesota Vikings.Jake Delhomme is out for the year, it will be up to Matt Moore to step it up and pull away victorious against the Giants this sunday evening.Eli Manning has been brilliant in the month of december throwing for over 900 yards in three games.Watch for him to be lights out against the Panthers secondary.The Panthers secondary is banged up look for Hakeem Nicks to have a big game the elusive WR is averaging 18.8 yards per catch.Giants are one of the best at stopping the run on the other hand the Panthers have one of the best running games in the NFL.Who will prevail? The answer is quiet simple the panthers secondary  will not be able to cope with the Giants WR core.Watch for Eli to have a big game and watch for Steve Smith to come out of the slot with at least 5 catches and a 100 yards. Hixon will have his biggest game of 2009 watch for the offense to put this one away for the NY Giants. Sportspure projection has the Giants winning 35-21