Ben Roethlisberger is coming off a career day against Green Bay Packers.Big Ben threw for over 500 yards, and connected with Mike Wallace winning touchdown as time expired.The Ravens have struggled in the past to defeat the Steelers in their own stadium.The Ravens are 2-8 in Heinz field ,they have struggled deep in the game and in almost all occasions  lose in the last couple of minutes.Joe Flacco put on a clinic in Solider field, throwing for 4 touchdowns and 234 yards. Flacco has a great arm and is a complete pocket quarterback watch for the Steelers to blitz up the middle and force Joe out of the pocket.The Steelers defense has been bad since the injury to Troy Polamalu. The secondary will have to come up big if they want to stop the offense of the Baltimore Ravens which has been nothing but great.On offense both teams are pretty equal both averaging about the same much yards per game, the ravens with 375 and the Steelers with 354. It will be a high scoring game but at the end of the day the game will be decided on defense.Ray Lewis will fill up the holes at the line of scrimmage so watch for the Steelers move the football through the air mostly.The Ravens defense  is one of the most feared defenses of the decade every time they go in for a hit they give all they got and than they give some more.There patient in the secondary they have good hands look for Ben to throw a pick or two.Furthermore they will hit Ben every time he releases that football so that the next time he goes back to throw he will fear them he will shudder as the thought of hitting the floor again.The Ravens wont take it by a land slide but they will come away victorious. Sportspure prediction 35-28 Ravens to win !!