The reason for the Jets success is their ability to play defense at a high rate.The offense of the Jets has not been great their running game has been great but not their passing game.Mark Sanchez has thrown to many interceptions this season(20) the question still remains can he play under the pressure ? Can he achieve success where other rookies have not? The Chargers knowing this will try to stack the line as much as they can to prevent Tomas Jones from having a big game.It’s the Jets’ No.1 defense against the high-powered offense of the Chargers. If CB Derrelle Revis decides to take away WR Vincent Jackson, TE Antonio Gates will shred the Jets’ defense. New York will simply have to pick its poison because QB Philip Rivers has too many weapons to choose from. The Chargers have struggled to run the ball and will continue to do so against the Jets’ dominating defense. The Jets are both confident and physical, but will have to go west and beat a Chargers team that has won 11 straight games.The Chargers are so hot the Jets might want to bring a firetruck to assist them in sundays game. SPORTSPURE prediction Chargers 27 Jets 24