The Jets are steaming hot coming off a big win against the Chargers, however they are going to play the best team in the NFL on sunday afternoon.The Colts average 363 yards per game (282 through the air).The Jets will seek to pound the ball down the throats of the Colts defense,which is a solid game plan hence the face the Colts do not have  a great run defense.However the Colts defense to everyones surprise played great defense against Baltimore  limiting them to only 87 yards on the ground.The biggest matchup is Peyton Manning vs the Jets defense watch for him to do what he does best dissect the defense and spread the football ,if he does that the Jets will have a difficult time trying to defend the Colts offense. Darrelle Revis will partake in a big role in preventing this offense from having a big game.Look for Reggie Wayne  or Dallas Clark to have big games as Revis can only lock up one of them.The game comes down to one thing pressure of the Jets can pressure Manning to hurry the ball out of the pocket they might have a chance  if they fail they do not.Mark Sanchez is inexperienced as a result the Colts will be blitzing on all cylinders to make him throw the ball faster than he would want to.Watch for him to throw one or two picks,as well as a couple of drops from Braylon Edwards if you put this together you will see that Jets chances of winning sunday evening are not big.

Sportspure prediction 24-17Colts to win