Both the Saints and the Vikings,have been playing great on the  offensive side of the ball.However the Saints have failed to play solid consecutive defense,the Vikings on the other hand have.Greenway is the leading tackler on Minnesota’s sixth-ranked defense. He has been very productive for the Vikings, with great ability to key and diagnose. He is good underneath in zone coverage and has play-making ability. He’s at his best covering running backs who look to go vertical — which makes his role in covering Reggie Bush vital.

Bush had a career day last week with 217 all-purpose yards on 12 touches. Bush has a lot of quickness to go with his outstanding burst. He has great vision and can break a long return from the inside or outside at any time. He has good hands and good route-running ability. Knowing Saints coach Sean Payton, I would think he’ll have some type of special packages for Bush, who can change a game quickly.

The  Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFL when it comes to rush defense.On the offensive part of the football the Vikings are also one of the best in the NFL.

Minnesota QB Brett Favre
vs. New Orleans S Darren Sharper

Brett Favre had a career game last week, throwing four TD passes against the Cowboys. He beat the zone and he beat man coverage, throwing phenomenal passes and putting the ball in the hands of receivers who were blanketed. In his previous nine playoff games, Favre had thrown 18 interceptions; last week he wasn’t even close to getting picked off. He no longer moves like he once did, but still has a rocket arm and still is accurate on short, medium, and long passes. You have to make him move around. No matter what is called, he can change the play at any time. He likes to double-count to check the coverages and identify blitzes. When he uses a quick count, it’s usually a running play. Favre is not playing like a 40-year-old.

Sharper is a classic free safety who will get the Saints’ defensive backs lined up correctly. He knows Favre well, having played eight years with him in Green Bay. Sharper has good hands, and he will intercept anything he gets his hands on. He also has good instincts and awareness.Sharper had nine interceptions this year-the third time in his career he s  had nine or more interceptions in a season-and returned three of them for touchdowns