The Boston Celtics played a great first round against the Miami heat.  Their team is  healthy, the big three are ready to try to do it again.  Ray Allen is playing at the top of his game, the three-point champ will not be the only one lifting this team, that is what  makes this team so dangerous. Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnet will carry this team as well both of them healthy and both ready to take over the east. The big question, is can they defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers, i believe they can, but  i also believe they wont here is why. The Caves have one of the deepest benches in the NBA, with players like Shaq, Dellonte West, Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker, and many others that the Celtics wont have an answer for. Lets not forget they have a great starting 5; however, so does Boston. If u match it up it’s not even close, however i believe that the force of the big three will push this series to 7, but in the end the Caves will prevail.