The Orlando Magic destroyed the Atlanta Hawks in game 1, this series will not go past 5 games, this is not a prediction it is a fact. The magic have a great interior game, their is no one on the Hawks that can shut him down. Their three point game is beyond good, with all there superstars they don’t get nervous, they don’t turn the ball over as much as the Hawks. The Orlando Magic will prevail against the Hawks the question is how far will they go? I believe the Magic will be rooting for the Boston Celtics, because the cavaliers have a great interior game, and they might be the only team in the NBA that can shut down the Magic offensively. However the Boston Celtics, have a couple of big man inside that can put a body on Howard but i do not believe, Perkins, Garnet, or big baby davis can stop him and Gortad. The Cavs have to many weapons, their bench goes to deep and their a young team vs the fact that the Magic have some older players on their team. The Magic have a shot at making it to the finals, the only question remains is who will they play in the semis???