The Phoenix Suns have the best point guard in the NBA, in my opinion its not even a debate. Nash sees the floor better than any point guard, he also has a great jump shot and almost never misses a free throw shot.With Nash at the guard and Amare in the paint this team is a dangerous team to face in the playoffs. In game one Steve Nash took over in the first and the Suns came out victorious. The Suns are to fast for the Spurs, the Spurs are simply to old, Duncan is getting older so is Parker, and Ginobili , all of them are old and getting older. Can they pull off one last season i dont think so, i do not believe they can keep up with the Suns offensively, the Suns shoot a high percentage from three point range, and they run the ball till their is no place left to run. Duncan cannot hold Amare, he is to fast and to quick, Duncan however on the other end should have an easy time scoring on Amare, because Duncan is more experienced if he can be patient in the paint we can see Tim Duncan having big games against the Suns. There other factors in this game as well such as, Jason Richardson, Gerorge Hill, Channing Frye, and Richard Jefferson; These players will have a big effect on how this series turns out, if you look closly at Jay Rich, the man is on fire so is Frye. We have only seen one big game from Hill so do not expect it again, however you can always expect some great offense  from Richard Jefferson. All in all the Suns have to deep of a bench for the Spurs to put up a valid fight. The Suns will take this series in 6, will see the Lakers, and  Suns in the semis.