The New York Yankees have suffered many injuries this year. They have currently 7 players on the DL; Robinson Cano, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson, and Chan Ho Park. Now some of these players are day to day such as Posada, Cano, and Rivera;however, Granderson, Park, Nick Johnson should be out for at least 3 weeks a piece. The Yankees have a dazzling record at, 21-8 they are  half game behind the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  The Yankees have suffered these injuries and yet they have played at a level that not many can, it is there depth and there ability to adjust to there surroundings that make them a championship team. The Yankees do have some big positives to this season such as, Robinson  Cano who has been nothing less than amazing for them, batting .348, he’s got 9 home runs and 21 RBIs. Nick Swisher has been great so far this season so has Derek Jeter. A-Rod has had a slow start however with Texira back at the top of his own game, you should see Alec Rodriguez get it going soon enough. The pitching staff has been great so far this season, Phil Huges is having a career season, his ERA is at a career low .169; Andy Pettite, has 4 wins pitching some great baseball.Rivera with 7 saves, Joba doing a great job in the pen so is Robertson and Aceves. With the pen playing such great baseball it really shows u how good this Yankee team is they do not only have a couple of star players they actually have a complete championship team.