As i promised the Boston Celtics have advanced to the semi finals;however, they will not reach the NBA finals. The Boston Celtics probably have the most complete team in the NBA, however they do not have the diversity of the Orlando Magic. There are players on the Magic that there is no answer to such as, Reshard Lewis is a menace to defend so is, Howard, Vince Carter, Nelson, and Gortat. Lewis has the hight and strength of  a power forward yet he has the speed and quickness of a shooting guard. Howard is to strong inside, even Perkins will have trouble defending him, this is why they will double team Howard leaving the best 3 point shooting team in the league wide open from behind the arc. Vince Carter has stepped up in the last two series, look out for the veteran to play with intensity that you have never seen before. Gortat some believe to be as a defensive player period, however with howard doubled he will get the his share of the basketball. These are some of the many players the Magic have in their arsenal. The Celtics on the other hand have some great players as in Rondo,Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Tony Allen who has been playing magnificently. They have got some bench help from Wallace, and Tony however they are no match for the Orlando Bench.

Key Match ups.

Rajon Rando- Jameer Nelson

Rondo can get the ball to the hoop better than Nelson there is no question about that but Nelson has a better three point game and a better perimeter jump shot. They both rack up assists fast and accurately , Nelson being bigger gets more rebounds naturally, however it should be fun watching these two battle it out.

Ray Allen-Vince Carter

Vince Carter is one of the most laziest defenders in the game however there is no one that wants this title more than him for he has never gotten this far. Ray Allen jump shot is supprior to Carters however if Carter is hot there is no telling to how far he can go. Vince has a much better inside game than Allen, he can penetrate better rebound better and even assist better.

Paul Pierce-Reshard Lewis

Both are very streaky when on fire they equal each other out, however when there light is diminished Lewis has the advantage. Lewis has a hight and body advantage toward pierce, he will post him up and draw fouls left and right. Pierce is most likely to turn the ball over, or miss jump shot after jump shot.


Howard is the best defender in the NBA period.  The amount of shots that get changed because of Dwight’s presence in the paint is abnormally high. However, Garrnet has a great jump shot and is playing at a high intensity he will have a big factor in how this series plays out Howard on the offensive side is playing great basketball, he has learnt many new post moves from his mentor Patrick Ewing, the Celtics will not shut him down if they do he will share the ball with his teammates and they will make them pay for the double team.


There both defesnsive players look for either of them to have about 8 points 1 block and 12 rebounds. Both have the same exact aggressiveness in the paint, it will benefit both teams.

The Bench

The Orlando Magic have one of the deepest benches in the NBA, it is probably one of there biggest virtues.  Look for Pietrus,  Jason William’s, Jason Redick, and Ryan Anderson to have big games in the this series. The Celtics era is over they are to old and to slow, the Magic simply want it more and they will get it.


Magic in 7