When i am wrong i must admit so, i really believed we would see an upset, however that didn’t really work out now did it. This match up is defiantly the more exciting match up. Overall both of these teams are the best in there divisions and conferences. The series will go the length, who ever pulls away with game one will probably take the series. The Lakers are old the Celtics are old and banged up, there is one big deciding factor to the series & this might come to a surprise to some people but the name to that person is Ron Artest. If Ron can defend Pierce like we know he can, than it will limit Boston’s options, If he can reflect off that and play offensively at a high level i would not go as far as to say that he will be the deciding fact on offense but on defense i believe he is.Paul Gasol and Kevin Garrnet have been going at it for ages, even when he was on the Timberwolves and Gasol was on the Grizzlies.  Key match up there,moreover, Perkins and Bynum are both slow players who rebound and play defense well, Andrew is a much better scorer but Perkins is and i quote Dwight Howard, “He is the the best defensive player in the league”. The key factor here is the point guards. The Lakers do not have an outstanding point guard but the Celtics do, and thats what puts them on top. Rondo is playing better than any point guard in the league. Fisher is known for his clutch threes in the fourth, however, if they don’t a solid game from him they will be no need for clutch shots. Kobe Bryant is playing his best basketball of the 2010 season. Watch for him to go off on all cylinders, Kobe wants to get on the Jordan level, to do that he needs to win more than 6 or at least 6 championships. Jordan with six Kobe with 4, This will make Kobe Bryant beyond any doubt an elite player in the history of the NBA. Another big factor to this series, is Ray Allen , at times he has played beyond any doubt considerably some good basketball. If his three point shot is on target he can be  a menace from all angles possible. The bench, Tony Allen has been great for the Celtics, however the Lakers bench is much deeper than the Celtics.

Lakers in 7