Amare is defiantly one of the elite centers in the game.However many seem to have this misconception that he cannot play defense, there is a big difference between not playing defense and the ability to play offense. In the play offs Amare faced one of the best big man in the NBA in Tim Duncan. Stoudomire put on a great fight, if he has motive the man can be a menace on the defensive side of the court. With a certified big man the Knicks now have what they had in the 90s, all they need is a couple of gritty players like Stark and Houston. If you look through the free agency a man who would fit in this role perfectly is Ray Allen. The best part about getting Allen is that you can get even another great player because he does not have a max contract on his head. If the Knicks can get Allen and keep David Lee they would have a team that would be a play off contender, if not a championship contender.

Yours Truly