The New York Giants have risen from the bottom to the top of the NFC. At 4-2 their offensive and defensive lines have been playing spectacular recently. The Dallas Cowboys, are playing for their lives, if they lose one more all of their play off dreams go right down the drain. The Giants have a chance to shove the Cowboys in the dirt. Ill tell you this much the Giants are playing with hunger, every hit, every time theres contact, every time Eli drops back to throw this team is playing with on a whole other level. They dropped 2 in the beginning of the season, however, they are back to what the Giants used to be. A straight run/defense team. The Giants will hold Julius Jones, and Marion Barber for a minimum gain. The question is will Tony Romo pick up the slack. The Giants have been racking up sacks left and right, if they can get to the mobile quarterback and make him immobile the Giants will win this football game. Bradshaw has been playing to his potential and  the passing game has come together. Hakeem Nicks has been playing phenomenal, so has Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Manigham. Watch for the Giants to run it down the Cowboys throats, the team who controls the clock in this game is the team that will come out victorious. The Cowboys are one of the worst third down teams in the NFL they have failed to complete 3rd down 72 percent of the time. This is what will give the N.Y Giants, the ball throughout the game. With the ball in their possetion, the will have the clock in their possetion, and with those two factors i think it is safe to say by the end of monday night the Giants will have the win int heir possetion.

Giants 27

Cowboys 17

Yours Truly

Jason Levy.