The New York Yankees find themselves in a 3-2 hole. The question still remains, can they hold their poise? Can they be patient enough? Can they unify and solidify their pitching staff? In the begining of the season many raised the point that the Yankees were too old to compete for a national championship. Many believed that they would ware out by October; however, the yankees have played strong throughout October, will they close?

Their veteran-ship plays a big factor in how they proceed, many teams would buckle under the pressure, and some may make rash decisions which could cost them the season. Their is only one player on their starting line up that has not been here before, and yet remarkably he has had a decent post season. That mans name is Marcus Thames.   Ironically in game six the Yankees will throw Phil Huges out there on the mound. He did not have the best performance in game 2; however, he has studied this line up, and has watched them play for six games, i think it is safe to say that Phil Huges will have a solid outing. This Yankee team will be led by its captains, by its veterans, and by its unity. Having added Lance Berkman, Curtis Granderson, and Marcus Thames, the Yankees have given themselves an All-Star caliber line up.  Going up against Lewis Colby, in game six might be an actual blessing for New York.  Lewis was drafted by the Rangers than waved off a couple years after. After two years of playing in Japan, hes come back to play for the same team he played for several years ago. Lewis is playing off a bad rotator cuff which he had surgery on in the pre season. The Yankees will be facing him for the second time in two weeks, with the Yankees patience, poise, and dynamic offense they should be able to pick him apart for at least 5.  The Yankees will win this game, of this i am confident; however, game 7 will be an issue, because no matter how many times you face Cliff Lee, he just seems to get better and better.

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