The New York Giants are playing their first play-off game Sunday evening at 4:15 Pm. Coming off a monumental loss to the Eagles, Giants fan wonder if they can bounce back. The Packers are a rejuvenated team, who will rejuvenate around their starting quarterback Aharon Rogers. Rogers is coming off injury, that being said, the Giants defensive strategy will be simple, blitz, blitz, and than blitz some more. Being the worse run offense in the league, the Packers will struggle running against one of the best run defenses in the league. The Giants will be able to sit back in a cover two and stop the big playing from happening, just like they did in the first half, in Philadelphia. Without the deep ball, Rogers will have to go to Jennings, and Driver, underneath. Eventually, the Packers will fall behind and the Giants will be able to drop their line backers in to coverage as well. Once the running game has been removed this Giant team will stop at nothing to get to the quarterback. The Packers give up 117 yards of rushing on average. With Brandon Jacobs and Ahmed Bradshaw, the Giants will go back to there usual run and pound. Look for Eli Manning to explode in the second half. The Packers do have a great pass rush, and while many people believe the way to defeat a pass rush is to get the ball out of your quarter backs hand fast, there are other ways; Such as running the football. If the Giants can get the Packers on their heels their defensive line will wear down by the time the second half comes around.

Giants will win this game.


PS: Many of you think im deliusional but if you take away the whole bounce back perspective, and match up both teams by the stats, there is no question the Giants are the better team.

Yours Truly