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Lakers Vs Celtics

When i am wrong i must admit so, i really believed we would see an upset, however that didn’t really work out now did it. This match up is defiantly the more exciting match up. Overall both of these teams are the best in there divisions and conferences. The series will go the length, who ever pulls away with game one will probably take the series. The Lakers are old the Celtics are old and banged up, there is one big deciding factor to the series & this might come to a surprise to some people but the name to that person is Ron Artest. If Ron can defend Pierce like we know he can, than it will limit Boston’s options, If he can reflect off that and play offensively at a high level i would not go as far as to say that he will be the deciding fact on offense but on defense i believe he is.Paul Gasol and Kevin Garrnet have been going at it for ages, even when he was on the Timberwolves and Gasol was on the Grizzlies.  Key match up there,moreover, Perkins and Bynum are both slow players who rebound and play defense well, Andrew is a much better scorer but Perkins is and i quote Dwight Howard, “He is the the best defensive player in the league”. The key factor here is the point guards. The Lakers do not have an outstanding point guard but the Celtics do, and thats what puts them on top. Rondo is playing better than any point guard in the league. Fisher is known for his clutch threes in the fourth, however, if they don’t a solid game from him they will be no need for clutch shots. Kobe Bryant is playing his best basketball of the 2010 season. Watch for him to go off on all cylinders, Kobe wants to get on the Jordan level, to do that he needs to win more than 6 or at least 6 championships. Jordan with six Kobe with 4, This will make Kobe Bryant beyond any doubt an elite player in the history of the NBA. Another big factor to this series, is Ray Allen , at times he has played beyond any doubt considerably some good basketball. If his three point shot is on target he can be  a menace from all angles possible. The bench, Tony Allen has been great for the Celtics, however the Lakers bench is much deeper than the Celtics.

Lakers in 7




The Phoenix Suns have the best point guard in the NBA, in my opinion its not even a debate. Nash sees the floor better than any point guard, he also has a great jump shot and almost never misses a free throw shot.With Nash at the guard and Amare in the paint this team is a dangerous team to face in the playoffs. In game one Steve Nash took over in the first and the Suns came out victorious. The Suns are to fast for the Spurs, the Spurs are simply to old, Duncan is getting older so is Parker, and Ginobili , all of them are old and getting older. Can they pull off one last season i dont think so, i do not believe they can keep up with the Suns offensively, the Suns shoot a high percentage from three point range, and they run the ball till their is no place left to run. Duncan cannot hold Amare, he is to fast and to quick, Duncan however on the other end should have an easy time scoring on Amare, because Duncan is more experienced if he can be patient in the paint we can see Tim Duncan having big games against the Suns. There other factors in this game as well such as, Jason Richardson, Gerorge Hill, Channing Frye, and Richard Jefferson; These players will have a big effect on how this series turns out, if you look closly at Jay Rich, the man is on fire so is Frye. We have only seen one big game from Hill so do not expect it again, however you can always expect some great offense  from Richard Jefferson. All in all the Suns have to deep of a bench for the Spurs to put up a valid fight. The Suns will take this series in 6, will see the Lakers, and  Suns in the semis.



NBA All Star Gilbet Arenas and his team mate javaris Crittenton drew guns on each other,in the Washington locker room.This occurred on christmas Eve sources say that they drew guns over a gambling debt.It was the three- time all-star Arenas, 27, who went for his gun first, sources said, draw ing on the 22-year-old Crit tenton, who quickly brandished a firearm as well.Arenas claims the gun was registered in Arizona where Gilbert played his college years.Crittenton hasn’t played a minute this season for the Wizards and has struggled to overcome a bone bruise and strained tendons.This has been a disgrace to the NBA and all of its players, there has never been anything like this ,ever.The Feds are currently looking into the gabbling debt between the two teammates the have not  issued a full report yet.


Nate Robinson has been benched for the past 9 games.There has been a dispute between coach and player, even though the Knicks sead in a statement on sunday, that there was nothing personal in the decision on  benching  Robinson.The former slam dunk champions best option is a buy out , any trade they throw at him he can veto.He looks forward to buying out of NY and sighing with the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland  Cavaliers. Nate is also whats known as a base-year compensation player.Any player whose  salary goes up by 20 percent from the last season is called a base-year compensation player.Robinson in 08 was making  $2.02 million in 08 in 09 he is making 4 million for the year .So even if the Kincks find a trade the other players contract has to be above 2 million.Danny Walsh stated clearly that he will not add to the cap, witch leaves Robinson with option number one buy out. Nate cannot be traded till dec 24– 90 days after he signed  his  contract .Robinson’s best option is to leave now.There are many teams looking for fresh legs off the bench , some one explosive and elusive some one that can light up the crowd at any given  moment,Nate fits this description. If he waits till next year the market will be rough there are many great free agents out there such as Chris Bosh ,Wade,  James ,Joe Johnson and others.There has been many arguments between him and his coach Mike D’ Antoine . The attitude between them has been all negative it is crucial for both parties to please each other.The best way to do that would be by a buy out look for Robinson push for this as the season progresses


To be a complete team in the  NBA you have to play all five positions efficiently.Furthermore a team a needs a catalyst witch is the PG.A complete big man witch is the center, a  versatile player that has speed hight and agility witch is the small forward. Then there is a team leader witch is usually a high scoring player who can at any moment of the game light a spark for the team and lift them to victory.However even with all these players if a team does not have a bench it will not be able to excel within the NBA. Andrew Bynum is one of the most complete centers in the NBA, at 285 he has the speed of a small forward it gives him the edge with a quick step he can blow by his defenders.However it does not stop him from playing good defense he is as muscular than any other center in the league, thus saying he will not get bullied around the paint .Pau Gasol the european superstar, quick feet and out standing range it is a laborious job to try to guard him. Ron Artist is one of the best defenders in the game he isn’t scared to take a charge, tough headed player he does not slow down for anybody he goes strong to the hoop and he does have range it makes a threat on both ends of the floor. Derek Fisher the point guard of this elite squad, the veteran biggest attribute is his basketball IQ he does not turn over the ball he makes smart passes, he has great vision of the floor and he understands his role on this team. Kobe Bryant the leader, captain of this team.His point average  is extraordinary he scores consistently each game, night in night out. His overall game is based on an amazing jump shit a great vision of the floor and his vertical leap. When you step up he will blow by you using speed, you step back and he will shoot in your face , you double him up and he will find the open man using his vision.Lets not forget the bench it consists of some great player that if playing on a different day would be starting. Jordan Farnar, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic  and Shannon Brown.These players come off the bench and give electrifying  performances , they score they defend and most of all they are young and a vibrant group of players willing to put there neck out on the line for there coach. Phil Jackson one of the best coaches of all time , heading straight to the hall of fame is coaching this dream team we have  seen him do it over and over with great teams he takes all from a player and makes him achieve his full potential. It is because of these things why the L.A  Lakers will repeat this year



Wade has one a champion ship on his own while Lebron with in many pepoles opinion have a much better team still has not won one.Wade has a better jump shot and better range than Lebron but what he does not have is the strength and the power that Lebron has.The biggest diffrence betwen the two is thier defence wade gets at least two steals and two blocks a game while Lebron only gets 2 blocks a game.There games are very smiular but at the end of the day Wade is a much better player hi avreges more points andis much faster than Lebron it is because of these reasons that i think he is better

trades nba


Ron artest is an amazing upgrade for the lakers not only do they get a two time defensive player of they year, but they also get an amazing offensive force on the floor.Rebounding scoring driving he is aggressive and he has the outside jump shot, he can run the break with anybody  he is exactly what Kobe needs to make it two in a row.

rasheed Wallace is also a big factor of this Celtics team,he will be that six man that back up he will play allot of min and with perfect balance the forwards and the centers of the Celtics will always be ready and have enuf energy tog o and do what they love most he can score he can defend and he is a big presence in the paint he even has range its just gonna be so hard to defend all these weapons on one team

Shaq to the cavs its a great move in my mind  all of his career he was the number two guy lakers Kobe than him heat wade then him at the suns he was a number four guy and it limited him as a player he will excel he will succeed