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The Jets are steaming hot coming off a big win against the Chargers, however they are going to play the best team in the NFL on sunday afternoon.The Colts average 363 yards per game (282 through the air).The Jets will seek to pound the ball down the throats of the Colts defense,which is a solid game plan hence the face the Colts do not have  a great run defense.However the Colts defense to everyones surprise played great defense against Baltimore  limiting them to only 87 yards on the ground.The biggest matchup is Peyton Manning vs the Jets defense watch for him to do what he does best dissect the defense and spread the football ,if he does that the Jets will have a difficult time trying to defend the Colts offense. Darrelle Revis will partake in a big role in preventing this offense from having a big game.Look for Reggie Wayne  or Dallas Clark to have big games as Revis can only lock up one of them.The game comes down to one thing pressure of the Jets can pressure Manning to hurry the ball out of the pocket they might have a chance  if they fail they do not.Mark Sanchez is inexperienced as a result the Colts will be blitzing on all cylinders to make him throw the ball faster than he would want to.Watch for him to throw one or two picks,as well as a couple of drops from Braylon Edwards if you put this together you will see that Jets chances of winning sunday evening are not big.

Sportspure prediction 24-17Colts to win



The reason for the Jets success is their ability to play defense at a high rate.The offense of the Jets has not been great their running game has been great but not their passing game.Mark Sanchez has thrown to many interceptions this season(20) the question still remains can he play under the pressure ? Can he achieve success where other rookies have not? The Chargers knowing this will try to stack the line as much as they can to prevent Tomas Jones from having a big game.It’s the Jets’ No.1 defense against the high-powered offense of the Chargers. If CB Derrelle Revis decides to take away WR Vincent Jackson, TE Antonio Gates will shred the Jets’ defense. New York will simply have to pick its poison because QB Philip Rivers has too many weapons to choose from. The Chargers have struggled to run the ball and will continue to do so against the Jets’ dominating defense. The Jets are both confident and physical, but will have to go west and beat a Chargers team that has won 11 straight games.The Chargers are so hot the Jets might want to bring a firetruck to assist them in sundays game. SPORTSPURE prediction Chargers 27 Jets 24


Ben Roethlisberger is coming off a career day against Green Bay Packers.Big Ben threw for over 500 yards, and connected with Mike Wallace winning touchdown as time expired.The Ravens have struggled in the past to defeat the Steelers in their own stadium.The Ravens are 2-8 in Heinz field ,they have struggled deep in the game and in almost all occasions  lose in the last couple of minutes.Joe Flacco put on a clinic in Solider field, throwing for 4 touchdowns and 234 yards. Flacco has a great arm and is a complete pocket quarterback watch for the Steelers to blitz up the middle and force Joe out of the pocket.The Steelers defense has been bad since the injury to Troy Polamalu. The secondary will have to come up big if they want to stop the offense of the Baltimore Ravens which has been nothing but great.On offense both teams are pretty equal both averaging about the same much yards per game, the ravens with 375 and the Steelers with 354. It will be a high scoring game but at the end of the day the game will be decided on defense.Ray Lewis will fill up the holes at the line of scrimmage so watch for the Steelers move the football through the air mostly.The Ravens defense  is one of the most feared defenses of the decade every time they go in for a hit they give all they got and than they give some more.There patient in the secondary they have good hands look for Ben to throw a pick or two.Furthermore they will hit Ben every time he releases that football so that the next time he goes back to throw he will fear them he will shudder as the thought of hitting the floor again.The Ravens wont take it by a land slide but they will come away victorious. Sportspure prediction 35-28 Ravens to win !!

Giants over Panthers

In their  last meeting the Giants won the game in overtime winning by a score of 34-28.Steve smith is coming off an amazing performance against the Minnesota Vikings.Jake Delhomme is out for the year, it will be up to Matt Moore to step it up and pull away victorious against the Giants this sunday evening.Eli Manning has been brilliant in the month of december throwing for over 900 yards in three games.Watch for him to be lights out against the Panthers secondary.The Panthers secondary is banged up look for Hakeem Nicks to have a big game the elusive WR is averaging 18.8 yards per catch.Giants are one of the best at stopping the run on the other hand the Panthers have one of the best running games in the NFL.Who will prevail? The answer is quiet simple the panthers secondary  will not be able to cope with the Giants WR core.Watch for Eli to have a big game and watch for Steve Smith to come out of the slot with at least 5 catches and a 100 yards. Hixon will have his biggest game of 2009 watch for the offense to put this one away for the NY Giants. Sportspure projection has the Giants winning 35-21


       The San Diego Chargers on average score 28 points per game wich is ranked NO 5 in the NFL. Their offense is based on their passing game wich has been no where short of spectacular.This season the passing game averages 355 yards through the air and only 86 through the run. However they do score touchdowns in the red zone, they might not have an effective running game but their goal  line offense has been great.On the plus side in the red zone they have one of the best tight ends to play the game.Anotnio Gates has 6 touch downs on the season 5 of them coming in the red zone.There NO. WR is  Vincent Jackson he leads the team with 63 catches and 1097 yards, watch for him to have a big game vs the Titans secondary.Tenessees pass rush is one of the best in the league but watch for  Philip Rivers to be patient with the football and stay in that pocket.If he does that and i think he will he will find Jackson or gates soaring through the secondary watch him to hit Sproles and Tomlinson out the back field for a couple of screens as well.Vince Young has saved the Titans season,the Titans were 0-6 when they benched Collins now there 7-7 Young only one game as a starter this season.Chris Jonnson has been nothing short of brilliant but look for the Charger to jump out early and leave the Titans behind, if they are able to do that the Titans will have to steer clear of their rushing game.This is the goal of the Chargers to prevent Johnson from having a great game if they do that, they will come out victiorious.Sportspure projects the Chargers to win 24-17


The New York Giants are playing for their playoff hopes it is do or die for gang blue.The Redskins playoffs hopes are long gone but on this monday night they play for pride as these two teams have been rivals for decades.In the last three games the Washington offense has gotten it going scoring over 21 points a game their running game has been working effectively  with Quinton Ganther at the lead. He is averaging 4 yards per carry, he is explosive and elusive though he is playing one of the top rated rush defenses in the NFL.The Giants are banged up in the secondary watch for Jason Campbell to have a good night.Jason was great against the Raiders throwing for 228 yards and running for another 20 all aside the raiders pass defense aint the best but neither is the Giants.Eli Maning is coming off  career day playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. He threw for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions he looked flawless look for him to have a good game here on monday night football.The Giants give up 307 yards of offense a game and the Redskins give up 305 yards per game, both defenses  are not living up to their potential.The Giants have their advantage on offense, they average 382 yards of offense a game on the other hand the Washington Redskins average 319 yards per game.The Giants running game is healthier  but not at its peak Bradshaw is a little banged up but not banged up enough  not to play on monday night.The Giants have depth at the WR position they will spread the field and destroy the Redskins secondary.However it wont be a blowout but look for the Giants to take out all their frustration  on the Redskins.They will hit hard ,run hard and play to the utmost of their capabilities it will be close but the Giants will pull away with this one 28-17


The Titans are back to and elite team in the NFL there rushing game is at its best there passing game has looked great.Vince young has done a great job since taking over Kerry Collins and the defense has picked it up immensely.The Miami Dolphins on the other hand even though they have a better record but in recent games they have no been a great team.Chad Henne a mediocre  quarterback in this league he has a long way to go one of his biggest problems is turnovers he throws to many interceptions.The running game on the other hand is working out just fine with Ricky Davis and Ronnie Brown doing a amazing job at running the football for this Dolphins team. Davis with 975 yards and Brown with 648 yards the running game is there their flaw in their offense is there passing game their leading receiver is  Davone Bess he had 578 receiving yards on the season.They have many rookies but they are far from being a superbowl contender .Unfortunately for the Dolphins there strong point witch is the run is what the Tennessee defense is so good at  preventing, only giving up 98 yards per game they are one of the best at preventing the run.Chris Johnson is the best running back in the league right now period. He rushes for 113 yards per game and is closing on 2000 yards on the season.He is fast elusive and not scared to lower his shoulder and run up the middle he can come out of the back field and catch the ball he is a double threat. When having a mobile quarterback like Vince Young you need a back that can catch because a quarterback needs some one to dump it off to the last second.The Miami Dolphins give up 339 yards per game Vince Young will have a hay day with the secondary and Chris will be Chris the titans will roll over the Dolphins in style 28-10